A Season of Change


Six short months ago, we moved to Fort Riley thinking we’d be here for a solid year and a half, or two years. But we live an Army lifestyle and things change, fast. I’ve so quickly fallen in love with the Flint Hills and was looking forward to exploring more through the rest of this year. Milford Lake has become one of my favorite places I’ve ever been, Kansas City has been great to us, and Fort Riley became home much faster than I anticipated. But now our lives are about to change.

A couple days ago, we found out that my husband will be medically discharged from the Army, in just a few short months. Because of this speedy development, I will be moving back to Michigan at the end of next week to settle back into our hometown with our children, and will be searching for full-time employment. While it’s not a move I can say I’m entirely looking forward to, I know that it will serve our family best in the long run. We are excited about a lot of things that coming back to the Mitten state brings, but I must say that I’m deeply saddened by leaving Kansas so soon.

So what does this mean for the future of VSP? Well, I have one Kansas session available for a weekday evening next week. If you want it, call dibs now! I will be taking lots of sessions in Michigan for the remainder of summer. Once I begin full time employment elsewhere, I will be limiting the number of sessions I take per week, but luckily I will still be available when the light is best! Weekday evenings and weekend sessions will still be available year round. This also means that I will be building a senior rep team for the Ingham and Jackson county areas! Stay tuned for more details on that.

I’m doing my best to embrace this season of change and am looking forward to yet another new chapter of adventures. Thank you all for your love and continued support on this wild ride.

♥︎ Victoria

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