An Unexpected Move

Nearly two years ago, when we found out we were headed to Fort Benning from the Savannah area, I was certain that we’d spend the rest of my husband’s contract here. But yesterday, we found out that this isn’t the case.

As an Army wife, I should know to expect the unexpected, to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. One thing I can say whole-heartedly is that I did not see a move coming in the next six months, or even a year. We’ve only been here at Fort Benning for 12 months now. But alas, this is the life. So without further ado…

Senior Photographer Fort Riley KS

Victoria Simmons Photography will be coming to Fort Riley, KS in early February 2016. This came as a huge surprise to the Simmons family, but we are doing our best to take it in stride. Columbus has been good to our family, and especially to VSP. I’ve enjoyed our time here so much, getting to explore some great places and meeting some amazing people. It truly makes my heart sad to be leaving.

VSP is Coming to Fort Riley

That being said, I want to squeeze in as many sessions as possible in the next three months. If you want to have the VSP experience, please contact me ASAP because I know my schedule is going to fill up fast. I’m still going to run a big Black Friday sale for all of you, and I will be doing my best to get all of you on the books, but between Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and packing, dates will be going quick. So don’t wait! Click that contact button up there and schedule your session now!

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria

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