The “Outtakes” | A Personal Post

Tonight, I shared something on my Facebook page that felt so close to my heart. This is something that I don’t want to get lost weeks or months from now, in a flurry of other posts and pictures. I had a an epiphany, a moment of such clarity that it was more sobering that I can express.

I’ve been taking photos for others professionally for about four years now. Through this time, I’ve become faster at narrowing down which photos from my sessions that I’m actually going to process, and which ones I’m going to trash. I go into sessions with a mindset of what I want out of it, and will generally “trash” anything that doesn’t fit the picture I had in my mind. Tonight, I realized that I’ve done the same with my family’s photos.

I make it a point to get out the “big camera” at least once a week or more frequently, because smartphones are just too easy and, frankly, just not the quality I want to pass down to my children and their children. When I do these mini sessions with my kids, I usually have a “theme” or a look that I’m shooting for. When I cull through the images, anything that wasn’t quite what I wanted gets tossed. Until tonight.

Looking through my sweet girl’s princess photos, I realized that I was tossing all of them that showed her true personality. She is not just a princess. She is a dirt loving, stick swinging, rock throwing, Band-Aid needing, Spiderman shoe wearing, awesome little girl. She is spunky, strong-willed, ornery at times, energetic, wild child who loves to be crazy, and who doesn’t always want her picture to be taken. She is sticky and dirty, but she is beautiful and has a personality all her own. Tonight I realized that, while the photos I post on Facebook, the photos I’m shooting for, are beautiful… they aren’t always her. Tonight, I saw my baby girl in a different way. Tonight, I’m living for the “outtakes.”

This is who Miss A is. This is the girl I will love forever.


I love you, Miss A.

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