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When my husband was stationed at Fort Stewart, I absolutely loved shooting homecomings. While deployments are undoubtedly the worst part of military life, homecomings are quite possibly the best. Even when my soldier wasn’t coming home, being surrounded by the families and friends of soldiers returning from war is a feeling that will never get old. After moving to Fort Benning last year, I knew my homecoming days would be much fewer and farther between. So when Jane contacted me about shooting SSG Taylor’s homecoming, I was literally jumping for joy around my backyard.

We played it by ear as the day grew closer and closer. Finally, she had a flight date and location. We met at the airport about half an hour before his plane landed and talked about the joys and hardships of Army life and deployment. Seeing his plane pull up gave me goosebumps. I was so incredibly excited for her. Once Jane and her soldier were reunited, we took a few more shots before they went on their way. Take a look at these precious moments:

Fort Benning Homecoming Photography

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Welcome home, SSG Taylor, welcome home.

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