Wear it Wednesday | Senior Guys in Winter

Last week we took a look at some styles that senior girls can rock this winter, but what about the guys? This week’s Wear it Wednesday is all about you senior guys in these chilly months. If Winter is your favorite season, why not take advantage of it and schedule your senior pictures now?Senior Guys in WinterI know that lots of guy prefer long sleeves year round, but they’re really not an option in the blazing summer months. Making use of cooler temperatures between now and February is the perfect way to make sure your true style shows. Here are a few ideas to inspire your winter senior picture wardrobe:

senior guy winter

Jeans, dress pants, khakis… it all goes in Winter. You can rock a cozy sweater, nice flannel, or anything in between. You really do have a lot more options for Winter sessions when it comes to wardrobe. Layers, layers, layers. That is the key.  What about when it’s really cold? Girls aren’t the only ones with stylish coats. Take a look:

Senior Guy Winter Outerwear

Cotton jackets, fleece zip-ups, and peacoats are so easy to add and remove throughout your session. You can also add accessories like hats, scarves and sunglasses. The sun reflecting off the snow can be surprisingly bright, so a great pair of aviators is never a bad idea. If you want to schedule some fantastic winter senior pictures, please contact me ASAP! Michigan sessions are almost full.

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