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Earlier this week, I asked my female audience on my Facebook page when the last time they had their picture taken professionally. Not pictures of you and your kids, you and your love, or your parents, just you. Whether it was boudoir, glamour, business head-shots, or just casual photos of yourself… The answers I got kind of broke my heart. I got answers from five years ago, to ten years ago, to over twenty years. When I asked why it’s been so long, or never, I really got sad.

I feel like it would be selfish of me.”

I don’t have a real reason to.”

My family sees me every day, why do they need a picture?”

All these answers really hit home. Ladies, there is always a reason for you. This isn’t going to be a “I am woman, hear me roar!” post… I want all of you to listen to me for a second. Do you know how many pictures I have of my mom? Just my mom. Not a lot. The one that sticks out most in my mind is her senior picture. I know that there are a few others… In fact, I took one of her and her favorite dog last Christmas that could be cropped to look like just her… But really though, I don’t have many of just my mom. My mother is a gorgeous lady (Love you mama!), and I want to be able to remember every phase of her life, not just her teenage years before I existed… So guess what I’m doing this Christmas? Mom’s photo shoot! I’m taking my mama (and my mother in law too) out in the snow for some photos. Sure they may hate me for it, especially if it’s as cold as it was last year, but someday they’ll thank me. I know that I’ll cherish the photos.

In all seriousness ladies, we’re not going to be around forever. We’re not getting any younger. You are not selfish for wanting photos of yourself. In my opinion, you’re selfish for not wanting them. Someday, we’re not going to see our families every day. Someday we might not be physically able to go out and get a photo taken. So I urge you, don’t wait.

Some of the responses I got said that they’d feel weird displaying a photo of just themselves on the wall. You don’t have to get a 30×40 canvas to hang above your dining room table 😉 Give your love a wallet print to keep in his back pocket. Print some 5×7 prints to scrapbook or for your kids to find later on in life. These photos don’t have to be displayed for the world to see, they don’t have to be for the world. Let them be for you.

Lastly, another comment I’ve received is that families don’t have the money for mom to go out for a fancy photo shoot. You don’t have to book an entire session, just for yourself (though that would be awesome and would totally make you realize how beautiful you really are)! If you’re getting family photos done, ask your photographer to step aside at the end and get a few individual shots of you. Getting anniversary photos done? Same deal! I know that I am always more than happy to take a few individual shots at the end of a session, because those are the photos that rare.

Self portrait

The most recent photo of “just me.”

God Bless ♥ Victoria

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