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What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

With Fall on the horizon, lovely fall colors are on the way. With mother nature offering up some awesome bold colors, it may be better to rock some more neutral colors in your family pictures. Depending on your session location, gray tones or brown tones can look absolutely fantastic. But, you don’t want your photos to be boring, right? Matching dark washed jeans and plain white polos is so 2010, you want to update your family’s look without looking the classy, traditional feel. What does that mean? Vary your colors. If you’re going with a gray scheme, let one family member rock white, one rock a lighter gray, another a darker gray, and another still a black. Don’t have that many options (or too many family members to change it up enough?) Have girls wear one color and guys wear another. You can change up who wears darker colors on top and who wears darker colors on bottom. Patterns are another great way to add a little variety while staying within a color scheme. Plaids, stripes, and other uniform patters photograph well and can break up a photo that might be too plain otherwise. Take a look at these two examples below to get a little inspiration:


Family Black and White
Family Tan

Still stuck? Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest! It’s stocked full of awesome ideas for all of your photo needs. Want even more help? I’m more than happy to do a wardrobe consult with you before our session. Now is the time to book those Fall family photos. Start thinking about them now to make them perfect!

God Bless ♥ Victoria

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