Wear it Wednesday | Couples in the Summer

What to wear to your session is always a question I hear from clients. This series of blogs can help ease your fears! This week’s focus? Couples! Summer is in full swing, and that means summer love. In this week’s Wear it Wednesday, you’ll find three different styles: blue tones, natural tones, and neutral tones. Coordinating outfits always brings a little extra oomph to your session. If you’re nervous about what to wear for your session, ask me! I have a whole Pinterest board full of inspiration and ideas. Check out this week’s ideas:

Georgia couple in the summer



couples blue
Couples Orange/Peach
Couple Gray

As always, don’t forget the accessories! They can completely change a look in just a few simple additions. Jewelry, shoes, glasses, and hats are easy ways to add some extra style. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Wear it Wednesday!

God Bless  ♥ Victoria

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