Five Reasons Your Photographer’s Gear Matters

This week’s Friday Five talks about why you should hire a photographer with high quality gear. Though I’m a firm believer that the gear does not make the photographer, and the photographer doesn’t make the gear…. Quality cameras and lenses can definitely make a huge difference.

gear matters

1. Quality of the Image- Take a look at this comparison. The top image was shot with a Canon t1i (low end camera) with a “kit lens” (one that comes with the camera). The bottom was shot with my Canon 6D (higher end camera) with a “prime lens” (one that I bought separately that provides sharper images).


Even though both photos were shot in full manual mode with the best settings each camera would allow, the results are drastically different. Not only is the bottom image sharper, the background is also creamier, colors are truer, and it’s an overall better photo. Neither of these photos were processed. This is how they came straight out of the camera.

2. Sharpness of the Image- When you’re shooting in low light (fog at 7:00am, late at night, inside, etc…), your camera might produce grain while pushing its limits. Both of the cameras I used for this comparison were set at ISO 400, so the results should be similar, right? I cropped two images to a very small area to show the difference:


Look at the difference in the sharpness. The details in her tiara, her hair, her lashes… Look at the dark colors and see how much noise is present in the left photo (t1i) compared to the right (6D). Even though it was pretty light out, the t1i produced a lot of noise, reducing the sharpness of the image.

3. Low Light Abilities- Light is so import in photography. Many of the lower level cameras simply won’t do in low light situations. Below, the left image was shot with a t2i at its highest settings. This was truly the best photo I could get with that camera in the situation. The right image was shot with a 6D, ad medium settings. I could have increased the settings even more to get more light, but I didn’t need to. 2014-06-26_0006

4. Comfort- That’s right. Your photographer being comfortable with their camera is so very important. Even with a lower end camera, really  knowing how to use it can make all the difference. Here’s a comparison using my t2i:


Even though both were shot in manual mode, I wasn’t fully comfortable with my camera in the left photo. These photos were taken only four months apart, but once I really learned how to use my camera… the quality of the photos improved.

5. Efficiency- The less your photographer has to do after the shoot, the fast you’ll get your images. Makes sense right? So, why not hire a photographer who can get it right in-camera, and only make minor adjustments. With the t1i image, I had to do quite a bit of processing, trying to take out some of the noise and sharpening it (and I’d still like to do more to it…). The 6D image only needed a minor levels adjustment. It took less than half the time to process. Take a look:

2014-06-26_0008 copy

In the end, the gear really doesn’t make the photographer. It’s completely possible to get great images from lower end cameras. In fact, some of my favorite images are from when I shot with my t2i. Take a close look at your photographer’s images. Ask them what they use, and if they’re comfortable with it. Make sure that you’re hiring someone who is going to give you the best quality you can get.

God Bless ♥ Victoria


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