Update: Facebook Shut Me Down

Did you miss the first post about my page being shutdown? Check it out here.

Well, tonight, I got a text from a close friend asking why I’d blocked her on Facebook. I knew it had happened, again. Sure enough…


I’ve been reported again. For innocent photos. This is “nudity” and is “inappropriate” according to Facebook. I finally got the full definition of why they’re removing my photos. Are you ready for this?


So, tell me folks… Where does this photo violate this definition:

Facebook report

No displaying genitals, no fully exposed buttocks, or fully exposed female breasts. There’s not a verbal description of sexual acts, let alone one that goes into vivid detail. There is nothing wrong with this image.

I am now getting legal help involved. I’m working with a law firm in Atlanta to find out who is doing this, and to make them stop. Charges will be pressed against them. Please keep my business and family in your prayers these next few days and weeks as we fight this. I will not back down. I refuse to sink.

God Bless ♥ Victoria



  • Caroline - Hi Victoria.
    I do feel for you as I have also posted pictures of my daughter online where she is showing bits of flesh but nothing that should be seen as violating the community standards (or whatever it is they are saying). What is really silly is that there are so many newborn baby pictures on Facebook showing actual bums and chests and that I know of these are not taken down and yet there are thousands of them.
    Surely if you directly message them with the picture you have mentioned and ask them where they think the nudity is specifically they will hopefully reply saying “sorry, we were wrong”. I’d hope they would do that??
    I have reported comments before where people have straight up been racist and used particular words that are crass and sexist and yet they have not been removed. It all seems a little like double standards to me.
    I hope you get this sorted out and soon xxReplyCancel

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