Five Things to Avoid Before Your Senior Session

Last week, we discussed five things to do before your senior session. This week, let’s talk about what not to do. Senior year can be so exciting, and completely life changing. With all of these changes, you’re bound to try new things, but here are a few things that you should try to avoid before your session:

Senior Girl

1. Over-tan! Many of you want that sun-kissed look for your senior session. If you tan outside, don’t lay out for hours and hours a few days before your session. Don’t risk getting burnt so you’re a lobster, or worse.. peeling, during our session. Moderation is key! The same goes for tanning in a tanning bed, don’t up your minute for at least a week before your session. Let your skin even out and look gorgeous. If you’re opting for a spray tan, do a test run weeks beforehand. Do NOT wait to get your first spray tan until the day before your session. It might irritate your skin, be too dark, or streak and you won’t have time to correct it.

2. Go skydiving! Okay, maybe not skydiving, but try not to do anything too dangerous for a few weeks before your session. You don’t want to risk broken limbs, bruises, or scrapes. I can use Photoshop to retouch minor scrapes, bruises, and blemishes… but I can’t Photoshop out a cast, crutches, a nasty black eye, or 18 stitches in the middle of your forehead.

3. Completely change your style. Don’t do anything drastic to your hair for at least a week before your session. If your hair is long, please think twice before cutting it to a pixie. If you’re hair is black, think twice before going blonde. If you consider yourself modest, don’t go buy short shorts and a crop top for our session. You want to be comfortable for your session. Everything from your hair, to makeup, to clothes should feel natural to you.

Senior Guy photos

4. Stay up all night. If you can, get a good amount of rest before your session. You want to be refreshed and relaxed the day of your shoot. This also means that if you’re not a morning person, don’t plan a morning shoot! If you’ve got an early morning the day of our shoot, don’t plan it for 7:30 at night after you’ve completely exhausted yourself during the day. Make sure you set aside time to really prep for your session.

5. Freak out. Just don’t! Senior photos are a blast to shoot. We will play music at your session if you want, we will laugh, and have a genuinely good time. On location shooting allows for so much variety and fun during our time. If it helps you relax, you can bring a friend with you. Your senior photos are all about you. Let’s make them awesome.

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