Wear it Wednesday | Accessorize Your Session

Accessories are a super easy way to change up a look quickly. Here are six ways that we can maximize the variety during your session, giving you the best bang for you buck:


1. Beach Hats- These are quick to throw on and off, and go with so many different outfits. They’re the perfect accessory for any spring or summer session.


Beach Hats

2. Glasses- Both sunglasses, as well as prescription glasses, can change your look in a snap. If you wear glasses, and also have contacts, consider wearing both for part of your session. Or throw on some sunglasses for a quick addition to your summer session.


3. Scarves- Oh, how I love scarves. Light for spring and summer, heavy for fall and winter… They can be the perfect accessory to dress up (or even dress down) a look.


4. Shoes- For the love of shoes. Especially during summer shoes can make the same outfit look dressy, casual, trendy, or traditional. Changing from boots to flip flops can completely change the feel of the photo.



5. Jackets and Cardigans-  This is quite possibly the easiest way to change your outfit, and prepare for weather changes at the same time. Get too warm? Take off your jacket. Get too cold? Throw on a cardigan.  It also gives you something to play with while posing.


Jackets and Cardigans

6. Jewelry- Again, super easy changes! Throw some costume jewelry on a casual outfit to dress it up a bit. It’s amazing what a bulky necklace, or some flashy studs can do.


So, before your session take a few moments to consider which accessories you want to bring. Victoria Simmons Photography has an ever-growing prop and accessory closet so if there’s something you want to try without buying it don’t hesitate to ask! You never know what we might find.

God Bless ♥ Victoria

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